Virtual Ludo-Tech

At Snakes & Lattes we are committed to finding you the perfect game. With that goal in mind, we are now going digital with our game knowledge. Introducing the virtual Ludo-Tech, a system designed to provide recommendations as well as help you learn how to play.

What is a Ludo-Tech?

A Ludo-Tech is the latest tool from Snakes & Lattes. The name comes from the word "ludo" meaning game and "tech" implying knowledge. It is also intended to sound like the french word ludothèque, which roughly translates to toy or game library. This system is designed to bring the capabilities of our game experts into the digital world and, from there, into your homes.

Snakes & Lattes Virtual Ludo-Tech

Game Recommendations

Looking for a game, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the ever-expanding world of boardgames? We get it. Analysis paralysis is very real. Below you will find a survey. Simply complete this survey to the best of your ability and the results will be delivered to our team of experts who can then recommend one or more games for you. It's that simple.

As a part of our launch of this program, we will also be offering discounts on recommended games to select participants. Just by filling out the survey, you are automatically entered to win. Here's one game where you simply can't lose.


Even the most passionate gamers have a wall of shame. For whatever reason, sometimes it's just hard to get a certain game to the table. Now, we can't convince your partner to like zombies and we can't make your family more patient, but if the issue is that thick booklet found in the pretty box with all the other fun toys then we may be able to help.

Bring the convenience of a Ludo-Tech explanation right into your home. Simply fill out the form below and Snakes & Lattes will contact you to set up a video call with one of our experts. They can teach you the game, clarify rules, discuss basic strategies, and even guide you through a few rounds of play.

Cost will vary, depending on the game and length of the call. For a limited time, some participants will receive their call completely free of charge. Simply fill out a request form and you'll be automatically entered to win.

Request a Teach

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