Catan (4th Edition)

  • 10+
  • 3-4
  • 90min
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Status: In Print
Publisher: Mayfair
Designer: Klaus Teuber
Year: 1995
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This is the game that started the modern board game Renaissance. Players strive to build the most successful civilization through a combination of luck, strategic planning, resource management and negotiation. Spread pioneers across the island of Catan to gather the natural resources it has to offer. Every action will either earn victory points or provide the ability to earn future points - the first player to accumulate ten victory points wins the game. The modular board ensures that no two games will ever be the same. If you?ve only played the North American classics, prepare to have your mind blown by what a board game can do; if you?re already familiar with modern Euro-games, why not meet the game that opened the door and made your favourites possible?Settlers of Catan is a strategy game for 3-4 players that plays in an hour or less. No true connoisseur?s collection is complete without it.