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  • 8+
  • 3-10
  • 30min
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Card Game



Hidden Traitor

Light Strategy

Take That

Publisher: Mayfair
Designer: Frederic Moyersoen
Average Rating:
29 Ratings
More Info:
Everybody knows that Dwarves love to dig for gold, but in this game of secret identities, nobody knows which Dwarves are happy little diggers and which are greedy saboteurs. Players play cards to create tunnels that will hopefully lead to gold, or to break tools of the Dwarves they don't like, or fix the tools of Dwarves they like. When the Dwarves find the gold, they share the rewards, but if the Saboteurs stop them from finding it, they split the gold. The player with the most collected gold after three rounds wins. For 3-10 players. Plays in about thirty minutes.