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Risk Legacy

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  • 13+
  • 3-5
  • 60min
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Area Control

Dice Game


Player Elimination




Take That


Publisher: Hasbro
Designer: Rob Daviau
Average Rating:
16 Ratings
More Info:
Ever wish there was a way to keep your little brother from turtling in Australia EVERY SINGLE TIME? Now there is with Risk Legacy. The engine under the hood is definitely Risk, but everything else in Risk Legacy is a game changer. Literally. Legacy is the only board game to date with unlockable content. The game comes with a number of sealed envelopes and compartments that are only to be opened when certain circumstances arise. The content of these packets are what makes this game so amazing. The packets contain a variety of new components, from cards to pieces to stickers to add to the board. They even contain new rules that add to or eliminate sections of the rule book. And every change that gets made lasts FOREVER, not just for the duration of the current game. If you nuke Australia, it stays nuked for all future plays. In Risk Legacy, war has consequences. For 3-5 warlords. Plays in sixty minutes or less, but play time varies based on what changes have been made.