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Resistance - 3rd Edition

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  • 13+
  • 5-10
  • 30min
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Publisher: Indie Boards and Cards
Designer: Don Eskridge
Year: 2009
Average Rating:
66 Ratings
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In the not-too-distant future, a corrupt government rules the land with an iron fist. You have gathered in a secret base with a group of like-minded freedom fighters to overthrow the government and restore democracy to the people. The problem is, the government knows what you are up to. Spies have infiltrated your ranks and aim to destroy the Resistance from within. The Resistance is a secret identity party game of negotiation, paranoia and hidden agendas. Will you ferret out the spies in your midst, or will you sabotage the Resistance and maintain the status quo? The Resistance is for 5-10 freedom fighters (and spies!) and plays in 30 minutes or less.This updated edition of The Resistance features new game art and same core game rules. Now included is the Inquisitor expansion in place of The Plot Thickens for a streamlined extended game play.