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Publisher: Gigamic
Designer: David G. Royffe
Average Rating:
2 Ratings
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A simple design, but a good strategy game. Be the player that places the final ball at the top of the pyramid. Sounds simple enough, right?Like in Go, 2 players square off with their colored pieces, in this case dark or light balls. The board has 16 hollows that allow a pyramid to be built. The goal is to be the one at the top.The strategy comes in even as the first few pieces are placed on the board; if you can get a "square" formed (4 balls of your color adjacent to each other on the same level), you can remove any 1 or 2 of your pieces (that don't support other pieces) and put them back in your reserve.Even if a square formed is not all one color, a piece-saving move is available called "stacking." Anywhere a square is formed, a player can move a piece up a level, onto the square. This can effectively lock some pieces down, at least for a little while. It also allows the player to make a play without using a piece from their reserve.