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Monster's Tower

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  • 6+
  • 2-4
  • 20min
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Publisher: Cranio Creations
Designer: Simone Luciani, Antonio Tinto
Year: 2015
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Monsters' Tower is a game of dexterity and touch for fast fingers.To set up, players sit around the tower and choose their pawns; each player has a different shape of pawns. Then they place their pawns inside the topmost floor by passing them through the roof. Now the round starts! Players want to make their pawns reach the ground floor of the tower because at the end of the round pawns have different values depending on the floor where they are located; the farther down they go, the more they're worth. Players have only one instrument to move pawns, though: their pointing fingers! They put their fingers through the windows of the tower and push their pawns to the next level ? assuming that they recognize their own pawns, that is...