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I'm The Boss

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  • 12+
  • 3-6
  • 60min
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Card Game


Hand Management

Light Strategy


Push Your Luck

Take That


Publisher: Eagle Games
Designer: Sid Sackson
Year: 1994
Average Rating:
1 Rating
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Rarely is a game stripped down to its bare essense as cleanly as this game is. Up to sixteen deals can be made over the course of the game, and a player who successfully makes a deal is given a certain amount of money. In order to close the deal, however, he will need to seek help from the other players in exchange for a piece of the payoff. Complicating matters quite bit, each player has a hand of action cards which can be used to derail negotiations. After ten deals have been made, a die is rolled each turn to determine if the game is over, with the victory going to whoever has the biggest bankroll.