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Gloom (2nd Edition)

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  • 8+
  • 2-4
  • 60min
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Publisher: Atlas Games
Designer: Keith Baker
Year: 2004
Average Rating:
61 Ratings
More Info:
Inspired by the charmingly tragic art of Edward Gorey, Gloom is a card game of misery and sorrow. Each player has a family of freaks, oddities and misanthropes and your goal is to make your family as sorrowful as possible before you make them meet some horrible end. The game draws to a close when one player's family is entirely deceased and the winner is the person with the most miserable collection of corpses. Gloom novel use of transparent plastic cards makes it possible for some events and morale modifiers to be covered by future cards, while others remain visible, and therefore in full effect.Plays 2-4 macabre misanthropes in about thirty minutes.