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Ghost Blitz

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  • 8+
  • 2-8
  • 20min
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Card Game




Publisher: Zoch
Designer: Jacques Zeimet
Average Rating:
27 Ratings
More Info:
A reaction game as fast as lightning for 2 to 8 bright minds, 8 years and up.The cards show pictures with two objects that are not shown in the right colour, for example a green ghost and a red mouse: Here you have four details combined in a wrong way, green, red, ghost and mouse. The only object or colour not shown is the blue book. So the first to grab the blue book gets the card as a reward.But be careful! Here is the twist: sometimes one of the items on a card shows a right combination of colour and object, i.e. a green bottle and a red mouse. The green bottle is a true object. So the first who grabs this item gets the card.Everybody else who cached a wrong object loses one of his collected cards.The game ends when the card pile has been used up. Whoever possesses the most cards wins.