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Geek Out! Pop Culture Party

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  • 10+
  • 2-12
  • 20min
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Publisher: Playroom Entertainment
Designer: Elisa Teague
Year: 2014
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Geek Out Pop Culture Party is a high-voltage trivia game based on the geek knowledge game Geek Out. Pop Culture Party uses the same rules as the original, but is full of more mainstream topics like Movies, Music, Books, & TV. Instead of asking questions and answers, the game poses challenges - name Steve Martin Movies or '80s sitcoms - and players can out bid each other for just how many they can name. The player who bids highest gets to try the challenge. Succeed at five challenges and you win the game. Fail a challenge and now you need to complete two more to win. A raucous trivia game to prove who knows the most about the everyday.