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Sushi Go!

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  • 8+
  • 2-5
  • 15min
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Publisher: GameWright
Designer: Phil Walker-Harding
Year: 2014
Average Rating:
33 Ratings
More Info:
Sushi Go is a simple and fast card drafting game that introduces players to concepts found in more complex games like 7 Wonders. Just like in a sports draft, in a card drafting game, players choose from a selection of options, knowing that whatever they don't take will be passed to the next player to choose from, wile the player on their other side will pass them all the cards they didn't choose. Some cards score on their own, while others need to be part of a set, and the maki rolls require you to have the most if you want to score points for them. Who can have the best meal and score the most points?