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Geek Out

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Publisher: Playroom Entertainment
Designer: Elisa Anya Jaeger, Dan Rowen
Year: 2013
Average Rating:
10 Ratings
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Geek chic is all the rage these days, and Geek Out is the party trivia game that will definitively settle which one of your friends shall be crowned King or Queen of the Geeks! Draw a card, roll the die to determine the category, and bid how many of the selected things you can name. The highest bidder gets the chance to try. Hit your target number and earn a point... Fail and you lose two points. How many famous robots can you name? How many super hero catch phrases? How many games based on literature? How many Egyptian deities?Geek Out is a game for 2 or more Howard Wollowitzes with thirty minutes and a desire to be proclaimed the biggest geek.