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Smash Up

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  • 12+
  • 2-4
  • 45min
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Take That

Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Designer: Paul Peterson
Year: 2012
Average Rating:
61 Ratings
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Grab two faction decks, shuffle them together and you're ready to battle your friends to the death. Will you be Alien Dinosaurs? Zombie Pirates? Robot Wizards? Who knows? Each faction has its own unique flavour and theme, making the different combinations all the more engaging. Every turn you get to play one special Action card and add one minion to one of Bases in play. As soon as a Base is full, players compare the total strength of all their surviving Minions there and score points. Once it scores, the Base is removed and replaced with a new one. Be the first to accumulate 15 points from conquering Bases and you win the game!Smash Up is a combat card game for 2-4 that plays in about a half an hour.