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  • How Important is Theme in Games?, Part 2 - Should theme always be applied?

    We are asking the question "How important is theme in gaming?" this week on the SnakesCast. Today, we discuss whether themes should be applied sometimes, and examples of how theme can emerge from some games.

    We look at one of the most divisive questions in gaming this week on the SnakesCast: "How important is theme?" Today, Wednesday May 30th 2018, we continue the discussion by talking about whether we think themes should be applied at times, overused themes, and discuss games where theme can emerge even if it's not the focus.

    Games discussed: Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu; Risk; Pandemic; Defenders of the Realm; Kingdomino; Azul; Dead of Winter; Dune; Clue; Unearth

    Season 6
    Published: May 30th, 2018 Length: 00:11:07