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  • Games Based on Literature, Part 2 - More famous fiction

    Bookmarks at the ready – we look at games based on literature this week on the SnakesCast. Today we check out some other fiction-inspired games, and also a couple of games that were literally fictional first.

    Get your bookmarks ready - this week the SnakesCast is looking at games that are based on literature. Today, Wednesday May 23rd 2018, we continue by checking out some other games that are based in famous works of fiction, and also discuss a couple of games that existed in fiction before they became actual games.

    Games discussed: Fury of Dracula; Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island; Friday; Games based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft; Arkham Horror: The Card Game; A Study in Emerald; Tak; Thud; Illimat

    Season 6
    Published: May 23rd, 2018 Length: 00:11:23