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  • Cottage Games 2018, Part 1 – Starting Out

    This week on the SnakesCast, we look at games you might take with you when going away for a long weekend or more - starting with smaller and more accessible games that anyone can play, and discussing things to keep in mind.

    It's coming on for summer, and so this week the SnakesCast looks at games that you might want to take with you when you go away for a long weekend, a cottage retreat, or a holiday. Today, Monday May 14th 2018, we discuss the things you might want to consider when taking games somewhere (such as your audience, where you're going, and the size of the game), as well as games to take that are quick, popular and easy to start out with.

    Games discussed: Citadels; The Resistance; Coup; Love Letter; Marrying Mr Darcy; Vault Wars; Skull; Vegas; Lost Cities; Qwirkle; YINSH; Hive; Catan; Parcheesi; Telestrations; Robo Rally; Kwizniac; Timeline

    Season 6
    Published: May 14th, 2018 Length: 00:08:47