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  • Games That Fire Other Games, Part 1 - The popular targets

    The SnakesCast is looking at games that fired other games by doing what they did, but better. We start by taking a look at some of the popular games that we feel have been improved upon since their release.

    The SnakesCast puts games in the firing line this week, as we discuss games that have been fired by other games - that is to say, something has come along which does what the original game does, but better. Today, Monday February 12th 2018, we begin by looking at some popular titles in board gaming, and the games we feel have dethroned them.

    Games discussed: One Night Ultimate Werewolf; Werewolf; The Resistance; Good Cop, Bad Cop; Shadow Hunters; The Resistance: Avalon; Catan; Ticket to Ride; Century: Spice Road

    Season 6
    Published: February 12th, 2018 Length: 00:11:51