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  • Solitaire Games, Part 2 - Some great examples of solo games

    If you're on your own, you can still enjoy board gaming, and the SnakesCast discusses solitaire games this week. Today we discuss some great solitaire games, and talk about mechanisms surrounding them.

    On your own? Waiting for friends, or for another game to finish? You can still enjoy board gaming, as the SnakesCast examines this week as we discuss solitaire games. Today, Wednesday November 15th 2017, we continue by talking about some great games with one-player options. We also discuss the importance of win and loss states, and how solitaire play compares to video gaming.

    Games discussed: Arkham Horror; Dimension; Mansions of Madness: 2nd Edition; Arkham Horror: The Card Game; Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crécy; Ingenious; Dimension; Sagrada

    Season 5
    Published: November 15th, 2017 Length: 00:15:21