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  • Fear in games, Part 3 - What really makes a scary game?

    The fear takes hold this week, as Halloween is upon us. What better week to discuss fear in board games? We face our fears today, and talk about what makes a scary game, both in general and for us.

    Keep the lights on and the curtains closed as the fear takes hold this week. It's Halloween - so what better week to discuss fear in board games? Today, Friday November 3rd 2017, we face our fears and talk about both what makes a scary game in general, and what scares us.

    Games discussed: Spyfall; Werewolf; Fake Artist Goes to New York; Bomb Squad; Space Alert; Atmosfear; Not Alone; Dark is the Night; Fiasco; Arkham Horror: The Card Game

    Season 5
    Published: November 3rd, 2017 Length: 00:13:01