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  • Fundraising with games, Part 3 - Catan, guests and wasabi - oh my!

    This week, we have a special episode series looking at fundraising with board games, and we finish up with a quick Catan overview, and talking about the guests we have coming in, and what wasabi has to do with all this.

    This week, the SnakesCast turns its attention to fundraising with board games, and some of the cool things that arise from that. Today, Friday September 15th 2017, we finish up first by giving a quick overview of the gameplay of Catan, and then discussing the guests who are going to join us for the Catan-a-thon, and also why wasabi is involved.

    Games discussed: Catan

    Season 5
    Published: September 15th, 2017 Length: 00:10:03