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  • Space Month: Stuff Goes Wrong in Space, Part 3 - The true panic sets in

    It's Space Month week 4! This week we're on red alert - everything is going horribly wrong. We end with some of the tenses games set in space that we can think of!

    Welcome to week 4 of Space Month! This week we're on red alert as the toaster has caught fire, the computer is trying to work out how to make tea, and there's a very big alien spaceship outside the front door - stuff is going wrong in space. Today, Friday September 8th 2017, we look at some of the tensest games we know of that are set in space. If you thought things were going wrong before, buckle your seat belts... if they still work.

    Games discussed: Panic Station; Space Hulk; Space Alert

    Season 5
    Published: September 8th, 2017 Length: 00:19:07