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  • Space Month: Stuff Goes Wrong in Space, Part 2 - She can't take much more of this!

    It's Space Month week 4! This week we're on red alert - everything is going horribly wrong. In today's discussion, our ships are breaking apart - can we save them, or at least ourselves?

    Welcome to week 4 of Space Month! This week we're on red alert as the toaster has caught fire, the computer is trying to work out how to make tea, and there's a very big alien spaceship outside the front door - stuff is going wrong in space. Today, Wednesday September 6th 2017, we discuss games where your spaceship isn't doing so well - in fact, it's breaking apart. Can we save the ship, or at least ourselves? Also, the theme of stuff going wrong on Earth continues, as a little audio was lost between the end of our discussion of Space Cadets and the beginning of Galaxy Trucker - just a wind up and introduction, so none of the real discussion is missing.

    Games discussed: The Captain is Dead; Space Cadets; Galaxy Trucker

    Season 5
    Published: September 6th, 2017 Length: 00:12:40