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  • Time Pressure

    Games where time is of the essence!

    A lot of people think of board games as being slow. Those people have not played the games we're going to talk about in this episode. Almost every category of game has a few specimens that involve racing against time. There are party games like Pictionary, word games like Boggle, puzzle games like Ubongo, strategy games like Space Alert, kids' games like Ghost Blitz, and so many more. What happens to a game when you introduce time into the equation? And how can it make a game more or less fun to play?

    Co-host: Travis Ryans

    Games mentioned: Boggle, Scrabble, Atmosfear, Escape!, Space Alert, Ubongo Duel, Scattergories, Bananagrams, CatchPhrase, Pictionary, Last Word, Ghost Blitz, Quoridor

    Season 1
    Published: September 3rd, 2013 Length: 00:15:52