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  • Game Spotlight: For Sale

    Buy properties and flip 'em for a profit

    Game aficionados will do almost anything to convince players to try something other than the old stand-bys like Monopoly. But it can be really hard to convince players to move outside their comfort zones to try something new and unfamiliar. You need something that offers the same appeal as what the players are used to, but has to be simpler and easier to grasp. Enter Stefan Dorra's For Sale. It's an irresistibly clever little game and one of the best Monopoly alternatives you can play.

    Co-hosts: Holly Wyder, Steve Tassie

    Games mentioned: For Sale, Monopoly, Marrakech, Taj Mahal, Quartz

    Season 4
    Published: December 13th, 2016 Length: 00:16:59