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  • Game Spotlight: A Touch Of Evil

    A spooky piece of post-Hallowe'en candy

    Hallowe'en was yesterday, but November is no less appropriate for horror-themed games, and this week we're shining the game spotlight on one of Jonathan's favourites: A Touch Of Evil. Set in the isolated little town of Shadowbrook (which is totally not Sleepy Hollow with the serial numbers filed off) just after the war of independence, it brings a uniquely accessible style of colonial gothic horror to your tabletop.

    Co-host: Steve Tassie

    Games mentioned: A Touch of Evil, Fury of Dracula, Dead of Winter, Arkham Horror, Last Night On Earth, That's Life, Spinderella

    To see Jonathan waxing poetic about this game on video, click here:

    Season 4
    Published: November 1st, 2016 Length: 00:19:36