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  • Game Spotlight: ...And Then We Held Hands

    An unusual game with an remarkable theme

    Why aren't there any board games about love and relationships? The short answer is that relationships are difficult and complicated, while most people want games to be simple. The longer answer is that relationships are delicate, nuanced things that don't easily lend themselves to the kind of concrete rules and systems that are necessary for a board game to work. But this week, we're talking about a game design that dared to try this daunting challenge, and the surprising ways it succeeds.

    Co-hosts: Amanda McKnight, Emilie Finnerty

    Games mentioned: ...And Then We Held Hands, Hanabi, Ladies And Gentlemen, The Grizzled, Pandemic

    Season 4
    Published: October 11th, 2016 Length: 00:15:36