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  • Game Spotlight: Ra

    A classic returns from obscurity

    Back in the late 1990s when modern board games were just getting to be a Thing, it wasn't uncommon at a game convention to hear a table full of people chanting "Ra! Ra! Ra!" What were they going on about, and how could a game as apparently unassuming as this be such a huge favourite among aficionados? This week the game spotlight shines on Reiner Knizia's Ra, celebrating its long-awaited reprint by Fantasy Flight Games.

    Co-hosts: Scott Moyle, David Kingsmill

    Games mentioned: Ra, Ra The Dice Game, Incan Gold, Through the Ages, Roll Through the Ages, Sushi Go!, 7 Wonders, Coloretto, The Hanging Gardens

    Season 4
    Published: September 13th, 2016 Length: 00:17:59