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  • Worst Of the Worst

    Games that bring out the worst in all of us

    Some games feel gentle and relaxing. Others are stressful and tense. And some... some games just make people want to burn down the whole world. Some games put players in a position where in order to win, they need to earn another player's trust, and then betray that trust. This week on the SnakesCast we're talking about games that not only allow for cruelty, but encourage it. How can you design such a game, and what does it mean to enjoy it?

    Co-hosts: Matti McLean, Eric Lang

    Games mentioned: Lifeboats, Intrigue, Quo Vadis?, Diplomacy, Chaos In the Old World, Blood Rage, Risk, I'm the Boss!, Bohnanza, Munchkin, Bridge, Cards Against Humanity, Take It Easy!

    Season 4
    Published: August 9th, 2016 Length: 16:41:00