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  • Guru Voodoo: Long Game, Simple Rules

    This really should be an easy one...

    "Simple games are short, complicated games are long." For people into this hobby, that tends to be the rule. But every rule has exceptions, and this one has a lot of them. So if you're trying to stump the gurus, asking for a long game that's simple to learn might be a good way to do it. In this week's Guru Voodoo episode, that's the challenge we're up against.

    Co-hosts: James Soares, John Lowndes

    Games mentioned: Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, Tzolk'in: the Mayan Calendar, Flip City, Biblios, Monopoly, Risk, Poker, Phase 10, Scrabble, Super Scrabble, Uno, Pit, No Thanks!, 6 Nimmt!, Hearts, Rummy, Skip-Bo, Cards Against Humanity, Concept, Charades, Snake Oil, But Wait There's More!, The Game of Things, Say Anything, 5-Second Rule, Family Guy Trivia Game, Law & Order Trivia Game, Word on the Street, Buy Word

    Season 3
    Published: October 27th, 2015 Length: 00:13:53