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  • Game Spotlight: Good Cop Bad Cop

    A nasty new favourite

    Social deduction games like Mafia, Werewolf, and The Resistance have been popular at Snakes & Lattes for years. They're short and simple when it comes to rules, but they're stressful and memorable just the same, because you can never be sure who's on your side. This week the Game Spotlight shines on Good Cop Bad Cop, the latest specimen of this genre to hit our tables. And it may just be the genre's biggest hit so far.

    Co-hosts: Coco Lee, Amanda McKnight
    Games mentioned: Good Cop Bad Cop, The Resistance, Skull, Spyfall, Coup, Poker, Mascarade, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Scotland Yard, Letters From Whitechapel, Shadow Hunters, Cash 'N Guns

    Season 3
    Published: September 1st, 2015 Length: 00:19:55