About Us


Whether its revisiting childhood memories, being introduced to board games for the first time, or digging into a deep hobby title, Snakes & Lattes is the perfect place to enjoy board games with friends, and family.

At Snakes & Lattes, we offer a library of 1000+ games, available to our guests for a per person fee. Everybody has their own impression of what's fun, so we've curated our libraries with a little bit of everything: from nostalgia to the new and noteworthy; from trivia to dexterity; from party games to strategy games.

Browse our libraries based on your interests and bring games back to your table to play. You'll be able to select any number of the titles to play, and play for as long as you like.

We know that board games are also excellent tools for building competition and developing team skills, so we offer events rentals to schools, businesses, and large parties. Whether you're a budding startup or already well established, Snakes & Lattes can deliver something fun to engage your group competitively or to develop your team's skills!


Snakes & Lattes offers a wide selection of tasty treats, that are sure to satisfy everyone at the table, including lunch, dinner, brunch, and late night dining options. Whatever you're biting into, we promise it'll be delicious.

Snakes & Lattes works with local craft breweries to deliver a diverse draught lineup, that is sure to satisfy every palette. All locations serve at least 12 taps of local craft beer and cider, in addition to a generous extended canned beer, cider, and wine program aimed to quench any enthusiast's thirst.

Our bartenders combine their knowledge of classic spirits with home made infusions, and quality ingredients to create a multitude of unique and original cocktails.

As part of our namesake, Snakes & Lattes has always had a strong commitment to being an amazing destination for coffee. Coffee beans are delivered directly from roaster to venue, to be prepared by our talented baristas in pursuit of sensational drinks like our famous Nutella Latte.


Introducing you and your guests to new board games, and providing an unforgettable experience is the driving passion of the Snakes & Lattes team. With a library of over 1,000 games at any of our locations, the prospect of finding, choosing and learning any given game can be daunting. All of our staff are enthusiastic about helping you get into your new favourite game.

If picking a game ever feels like an imposing proposition, we invite you to seek the services of one of our game gurus - enthusiastic and helpful members of staff whose dedicated job is to help you choose a game that's a good fit for your party, and teach you how to play it. They'll also check in and be available throughout your stay to ensure you're on the right track, or see if you want to take different game for a spin!


Our store is comprised of our greatest hits along with a selection of current games that we think you might enjoy at home. Whether you want to try before you buy, or want to special order that amazing new game, Snakes & Lattes is happy to help you grow your collection.

Snakes & Lattes has a great online shop in addition to our physical locations. Browse the online shop by game category, recently added or by title. One of the very best things about shopping on snakesandlattes.com is that domestic shipping is free for all orders.