Snakes & Lattes Tucson

988 E. University Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719
Take Out, Dine In,
Retail & Gaming
Monday 9am - 10pm
Tuesday 9am - 10pm
Wednesday 9am - 10pm
Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday 9am - 11pm
Saturday 9am - 11pm
Sunday 9am - 10pm

Snakes & Lattes Tucson

is located at 988 E. University Blvd, in Main Gate Square neighborhood, steps from a Sun Link station and the UA campus. We offer food and drinks alongside a library of hundreds of playable games old and new.

How do I get there?


Let us know when you're coming!

We accept both online reservations or walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Snakes & Lattes Tucson is hiring!

Interested in working at Snakes & Lattes? We are always on the lookout for future team members to add to the team. If you are interested please send your resume to! Please include your availability, and what position you're applying for.


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1 (520) 382-5855

Snakes & Lattes Tucson
988 E. University Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719

All seating is on a first come, first served basis.

In the event that we're running at capacity, we'll ask that a member of your group comes by in person to add their name to the waitlist.

Feel free to call ahead to ask about table availability.

Corporate Events & Team Building

Board games are excellent tools for building and developing skills inside your team. Whether you’re a budding startup or already well established, let us help you strengthen your team through gaming!

  • Available for groups of 20+ participants.
  • Pricing for team building is based on the time of day, day of the week, number of guests, and for any additional services requested or required.
  • Snakes & Lattes offers in-house catering for all events. Our Events Catering Menu is available for advanced ordering to suit your needs.
  • We require at least three weeks notice in order to facilitate your event.


All Ages All Snakes & Lattes venues are all ages.
Entrance(s) Snakes & Lattes Tucson's entrance is at the corner of University and Park. There are no stairs to the main door.
Ramps There are no ramped entrances.
Handrails There are no staircases in the venue.
Lobbies The entrance area of the venue is for greeting guests. If guests need to wait for a table, there is outdoor bench seating and guests may be offered a bar seat as well.
Floors/Grade/Levels Snakes & Lattes Tucson is a one floor building at street level.
Signage The washrooms are private but unisex.
Exterior lighting Exterior awning sign is illuminated internally.
Parking There is metered parking around the venue, which are free after 5pm and on the weekends. The Sun Link street car stop is steps away from the front door.
Sidewalks The sidewalks on University Blvd, in front of the entrance are brick and have planters, parking meters, lamp posts, bench seating, A-Frames and bike parking around it.
Transit The Sun Link University Blvd stop is steps away from the entrance to the venue.
Washrooms There are 2 unisex washrooms, both have diaper change station.
Doors There is a 36" width door to both washrooms, with push/pull handles.
All gender
There are 2 all-gender washrooms, however they are private (1 person per washroom).
(height, type)
Both washrooms have two faucets at 36" height in a shared basin at 33" height.
Soap dispensers
(height, type)
The washrooms have a push soap dispenser at 48" height.
Braille There is no braille present in the venue.
Hallways All main passageways are a minimum of 36" wide.
Seating Seating in the restaurant is a mix of chairs, wooden benches, cushioned booths, and bar stools. Most tables are at 30" height and are wheelchair accessible, with some group tables at 43" height.
Interior lighting The venue is well lit throughout the day but tends to be dimmed to match a bar atmosphere at night.
Sound & music The venue's sound levels are calmer throughout the day but tend to rise to match a bar atmosphere at night. A variety of cafe-appropriate music is played throughout operating hours at an ambient volume.
Menus Menus are printed on a 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock.
Print Our menus have menu listings with text as small as 1/16th an inch. Receipts are on common receipt paper or can be viewed on a digital display at any zoomed in size. Our prices are listed on 1/2 inch fonts on the gift shop items. We also have the ability for receipts to be emailed and have touchless checkout.
Food offerings Vegetarian and vegan options are available. Our coffee drinks can be made with oat milk. All items may contain traces of gluten and nuts, so please notify your server of dietary restrictions.
Service animals Service animals are permitted in the venue.
Childcare High chairs and booster seats are available upon request. There are baby change stations in both washrooms.