Snakes & Lattes College

489 College St.
Toronto, ON M6G 1A5
Mon - Fri 8am - Late
Sat & Sun 11am - Late

Snakes & Lattes College

is located at 489 College St., in the heart of Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood. We offer food and drinks alongside a library of thousands of playable games old and new.

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How do I get there?


Located one block west of Bathurst St. on the south side of College, Snakes & Lattes College is accessible from both the 511 Bathurst and 506 Carlton street cars.

By Car

Street parking is available, but limited. A Green P lot is located at 80 Clinton Street, just north of College.

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Snakes & Lattes does not currently facilitate reservations. All seating is on a first come, first served basis.

In the event that we're running at capacity, we'll ask that a member of your group comes by in person to add their name to the waitlist.

Feel free to call ahead to ask about table availability.


Looking to book a corporate / special event? Our Event Bot is here to help!

Please note:
We require at least two weeks advance notice in order to schedule and properly facilitate your event.

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Snakes & Lattes is always looking for talented free agents to join our team.

If you have a passion for board games or great coffee, and the idea of working in a collaborative community excites you, we want to hear from you!

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Snakes & Lattes College
489 College St.
Toronto, ON M6G 1A5

(647) 342-9229


All Ages All Snakes & Lattes venues are all ages.
Entrance(s) The primary Snakes & Lattes College entrance is at the corner of College St and Markham St. There is a five step descent to the main door.
Ramps Ramped access to the venue can be found at the west entrance of 489 College St. This access is limited to business hours of the building's other tenants. Outside these hours, call the venue at (647) 342-9229 ex 5 for access throughout Snakes & Lattes College business hours. There is a ramp immediately after the inside east door. There is a ramp immediately after the inside primary door. There is a ramp leading to the south fire exit. There is a ramp leading to a staff room, kitchenette and beer fridge.
Handrails The primary entrance steps have one handrail per side. The ramp immediately after the inside primary door is flanked by a bookshelf and a half-wall without a handrail. The ramped access from the building's entrance has a handrail in the building lobby, and a handrail along the ramp on the inside of the venue. The ramp leading to the south fire exit has no handrail. The ramp leading to a staff room, storage room and beer fridge is flanked by a bookshelf and has no handrail.
Lobbies There is a small lobby inside the primary entrance. The front area of the cafe has a retail section but is not suited as a waiting area for a table if one cannot be provided immediately. There is no waiting area or waiting area seating.
Floors/Grade/Levels Snakes & Lattes College is below street grade. The entire venue is on the same level.
Signage Wayfinding signage (white text with green background) mounted near the ceiling throughout the venue. All gender washroom signage mounted to the doors of the washrooms.
Exterior lighting The outside signage is not lit.
Parking There are paid parking lots at 491 College St, as well as below-ground paid parking in the building at the corner of College St and Markham St. There is Green P parking at 74 Clinton.
Sidewalks Sidewalks along College St have tree pits, bike posts and other furniture. The sidewalk itself is 5 metres wide.
Transit Snakes & Lattes College is on College St one block west of Bathurst St, and can be accessed via TTC streetcars along College St and Bathurst St.
Washrooms Snakes & Lattes College has eight all gender bathrooms on the ground floor. There is one all gender bathroom that meets all barrier-free requirements except has a 37" passage, 33" door leading to it and 34" stall door. It is therefore not fully barrier-free.
Doors All washrooms have 33" width doors leading to them and 26" width doors on the stalls. One stall has a 34" width door.
All gender
All ten washrooms are all gender. Each stall contains one toilet and its own sink.
(height, type)
All washrooms have single-lever faucets at height of 32". One stall has a 30.5" height sink with two wing-shaped faucet handles.
Soap dispensers
(height, type)
All washrooms have push-pump soap dispensers at height of 39" and lever-activated hand towel dispensers at height of 39"-48". One stall has a push-pump soap dispenser and lever-activated hand towel dispenser at 32" height.
Braille There is no braille present in the venue.
Hallways All passages, hallways and thoroughfare are a minimum of 42". Access to washrooms is limited to a width of 33" doors.
Seating Seating for the cafe is mixed between benches and aluminum chairs. Wheelchair seating is possible at most tables.
Interior lighting The venue is well lit throughout the day but tends to be dimmed to match a bar atmosphere at night.
Sound & Music The venue's sound levels are calmer throughout the day but tend to rise to match a bar atmosphere at night. A variety of cafe-appropriate music is played throughout operating hours at an ambient volume.
Menus Print menus are on letter-sized paper and type size ranges between 10pt and 17pt. A digital copy of the menu displayed on a 9.7" iPad with pinch-zoom can be provided.
Print Other print material: Receipts are printed on common receipt paper. A digital copy of the receipt displayed on a 9.7" iPad with pinch-zoom can be provided. Price stickers on retail games is in 20pt.
Food offerings Vegetarian and vegan icons can be found on the menu. All products may contain trace gluten and nuts. Please notify your server of any dietary restrictions.
Service animals Service animals are permitted in the venue.
Childcare High chairs are available for cafe seating. A change station is provided in a ground-floor washroom.
Staff All staff have AODA compliant training.