Snakes & Lattes Distribution

The Quickest Way to Carry the Next Hotness

Our offerings include titles that your customers have been clamoring for: Exploding Kittens, Joking Hazard, Bears vs Babies, and more. Plus, your product ships within one business day from ordering.

  • Shipping within one business day of ordering
  • Easy ordering with traditional cart-checkout e-commerce
  • Avoid complex spreadsheets and tedious back-and-forth emails
  • Low 5% shipping fee
  • Carry exclusive new products that you won't find anywhere else
Snakes & Lattes Distribution

Raise Your Games Above the Rest

Ensure your product doesn't get lost in the shuffle of table top gaming. Roll out your titles with Snakes & Lattes Distribution and our selective portfolio will make sure that retailers have the best visibility of your titles. Years of extensive experience in logistics and fulfillment in the board game industry will carry your product to success with commitment and speed.

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Stand Out Games

Snakes & Lattes Distribution's selective portfolio ensures retailers have eyes on your titles

Standing Support

Get perks and product support for offering exclusivity, including free product storage, marketing material and MAP observation

Outstanding Distribution

Our extensive 3PL experience ensures Snakes & Lattes Distribution clientele gets the most precise and comprehensive shipping attention

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We'll Take it From Here

Let us take the legwork out of getting your Canadian customers their games. Fulfillment becomes painless, cost effective, and timely. Along the way, let us help you take care of your customers and provide them the customer service they deserve.

  • Full pick and pack of all orders
  • Management portal with real time status of every delivery
  • Full support of customer inquiries, missed deliveries, and returns
  • Tracking numbers provided for all parcels
  • Email customer service on your behalf
  • Available in both English and French