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  • Snakeys 2012 Fan Vote!

    Written by Ben C / Published December 24th, 2012 / 0 Comments

    The Snakes & Lattes family is extremely proud of its collection, but what is a board game without players? For the past two years, we have been inviting you into our home away from home and recommending, trouble-shooting and teaching the games we feel passionately about.

    Our hope has always been that you will feel as passionately about board games as we do; if not for our favourites, then for favourites of your very own. So when we decided that it was time for us to hold awards for those titles that made us most excited, it was only fitting to include you, the extended Snakes & Lattes family. Our Fan Vote had a strong turnout in its first outing, and we want to thank you all for your participation. The Snakeys have been a process of celebrating what we want to play, what we want to teach, and what we love. The Fan Vote is you telling us what you love. Every game nominated in the Fan Vote was a game that we had a fantastic time with in the café, but only one stands above the rest in the collective opinion.

    Ladies and gentlemen, gamers all, this year’s Snakeys Fan Vote award goes to…

    A Game of Thrones (2nd Ed.)!!!


    Written by Ben C / Published December 23rd, 2012 / 0 Comments

    THE TIME IS FINALLY UPON US. Our best of the year. The games that we could not shut our mouths about. The games that we showed us exactly how intense and opinionated and passionate we can get about our profession.

    Every year, a plethora of new games make their way through our doors and get played by our gurus, our baristas, our servers, our bartenders, our kitchen staff and our patrons. A great many are quite good. A great many are quite bad. A smaller percentage is the games which genuinely knock our socks off, and keep us coming back for more. Our favourite games of the year create something new – whether through innovation or refinement, these games remind us all of why we do what we do here at Snakes & Lattes. Our passion for our nominees is a celebration of what we love best about board games, and while only one can win the coveted Snakey, each and every one of these titles has impressed us greatly.

    And the nominees are:

    Android: Netrunner
    Castles of Burgundy
    City of Horror
    Last Will
    Lords of Waterdeep

    And the winner is...


  • So you’ve played your favourite game so much that you plotted out every stratagem, calculated every gambit, played through every plan and still want more. Clearly you need to spice things up a little!

    A good expansion is one that adds to a game without making the game feel like it was missing something all along. Our nominees are expansions that added varying levels of complexity and variety to their respective games while providing the players with the new stratagems, gambits and plans to play through that they so desperately craved.

    And the nominees are:

    7 Wonders: Cities
    Alien Frontiers: Factions
    Dominion: Dark Ages
    King of Tokyo: Power Up!
    Small World: Realms

    And the winner is

  • Best Totally Awesome Game that was Designed for Totally Awesome People

    Some jobs are just plain cool: billionaire superhero, pirate, rail baron, comic shop owner, adventurer/archaeologist…for these people that know awesomeness as a way of life, a special kind of game must be tabled. They require games which ooze cool well beyond the limits outlined by the Standardized Safety and Protocol of Cool and Totally Sweet Stuff. With this in mind, we put together a list of games which are so awesome and totally bad-ass that they required us to make up this category to recognize how awesome and bad-ass they were.

    And the nominees are:

             Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

             Hot Rod Creeps

             King of Tokyo

             Rumble in the House

             Smash Up

    And the winner is: KING OF TOKYO!

  • Best Game that is Too Long for us to EVER Teach in the Cafe but that You Should Totally Play because it is Super-Rad

    At the café, we pride ourselves on our ability to teach a variety of games to a variety of people in a timely fashion. However, there are a number of titles that we simply cannot teach. This is not due to an impenetrability of gameplay or an inscrutability of rules; it is merely the realization that our busy gurus are unable to sit down and spend the time necessary (30 mins +) demystifying the minutia of our more complex titles. That being said, some of those dense and complex games have been masterfully designed and are worth the time and effort necessary to learn them. Our nominees all have steep learning curves, but we have discovered that their fans are legion.

    And the nominees are:

    Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy 

    A Game of Thrones (2nd Ed.)

    Mage Knight

    Twilight Imperium (3rd Ed.)

    Twilight Struggle

    The winner is: A GAME OF THRONES (2nd Ed.)!

  • Best Game to Play When You Facebook Invite a Bunch of People and They All Show Up to the Party - The Snakeys

    We know how it is. Having a party, sending out invites every which way, assuming only a few will be free. But when the big day comes, everyone comes barreling in and now you've got a whole lot of bodies looking to play some games and not enough seats at the table. Not to worry – we know large groups and we know large group games. Our nominees here know how to keep every player engaged and how to keep the down time to a minimum. Almost every game here is team based, and demands communication, subtlety and skill. But really, they’re all just excuses to have a good time with a whole bunch o’ folks at once.

    And the nominees are:

    Bang! 4th Ed.

    The Resistance

    Shadow Hunters



    WINNER: The Resistance

  • Best Game for the Morally Bankrupt and the Emotionally Damaged

    Every awards ceremony has to have a dummy category, and here’s ours! It is almost statistically impossible that you haven’t played this, and you almost certainly own it already. But just in case you aren’t quite sure what game is the leading cause of moral decay in our nation today, here are the nominees.

    And the nominees are:

    Cards Against Humanity

    WINNER: No one.

  • Next up to the podium for the SnakeysBest Game to Play When You Have to Cooperate (in Spite of Hating Everyone at the Table)

    Once upon a time, board games were competitive, aggressive vehicles for people to assert their dominance over those weaker than they, namely close friends and family. However, a trend has been growing for some time where people sit down to a board game and WORK POLITELY WITH EACH OTHER. Crazy? Perhaps, but the nominees in this category are all excellent examples of social, dynamic and challenging games that facilitate communication, concentration and creativity.

    And the nominees are:

    Flash Point

    Forbidden Island

    Ghost Stories



    And the winner is......


  • Best Game to Play When You Hate Everyone at the Table

    The point of board gaming, near as we can tell, is to bring a group of close friends together at the table in order to play games that will damage and strain those relationships irreparably. This is because many of our professional and courteous staffers are sociopaths. Fear not! If you, too, have a great love for mean and merciless games, our gaming expertise extends well into the ancient art of being a jerk. The nominees in this category require you to lie to your friends, stab them in the back, and bluff your way to victory. You will do terrible things that you may not be able to speak of the next day. You may get unfriended on one or more social networking sites. There is the outside chance that you will have to find a new circle of friends that has not yet discovered your blackened heart. But those are simply the risks you take when you sit down to play these games.

    The nominees are:

    Cash 'n Guns



    Skull & Roses

    AND THE WINNER IS.......

    A TIE!! Skull & Roses & Kakerlaken Poker are too good to beat each other! 

  • The next Snakeys category is: Best Game to Play on a First Date that you TOTALLY Want to Go Well

    When Snakes & Lattes opened, there were few preconceived notions as to who would show up. Everyone was welcome to come in, sit down, and learn some new games with us. It was, however, with some surprise that we discovered our nerdy little establishment was becoming a pretty popular destination for date night. Whether it was first date or the fortieth date, it became clear that couples of all types were coming to spend time getting to know each other over a game or two. But which games? Two-player games are a genre of game that many people associate with abstracts such as chess and checkers and childhood classics like Guess Who? and Connect Four. However, there is a rich collection of games with more atmosphere and more maturity which pit two people against each other in a fun and friendly battle of wits. Our nominees are challenging, yet uncomplicated games which have left many satisfied smiles on our tables for two.

    The nominees are:

    Blokus Duo



    Mr. Jack

    Word on the Street

    And the winner is........