The 2013 Snakeys: Part 3

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2013 has been a banner year for board games. We've seen the hobby grow to new heights and as the demand grows, so do the number amazing games that are designed. With the 2nd Annual Snakey Awards we take a look at some of the best games that graced our shelves over the past year.

We looked at ten different categories and considered thousands of titles. The nominees were largely released in 2013, however we didn't limit ourselves to that year. We surveyed the Snakes & Lattes Gurus, Servers, Baristas, Hosts and Kitchen Staff for their opinions on the games that most impacted the cafe in the past year. Over the next few days we'll be rolling out the winners. Ladies and Gents, we proudly present the 2013 Snakeys!

Best Totally Awesome Game That Was Designed For Totally Awesome People

The Nominees are...

Eight-Minute Empire Gearworld: The Borderlands Kemet Sentinels of the Multiverse Star Trek: Attack Wing

...and the winner is...

Sentinels of the Multiverse!

Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a co-operative super-hero themed card game! Greater Than Games has had an uphill battle keeping their game in stock this past year with demand being so high for this independently produced game. And it’s no wonder: with a great retro comics style, intricate mythos and accessible co-operative play, the staff at S&L waited with bated breath for a floor copy to teach to our patrons. Totally awesome people have been playing this all year, and handily won this Snakey award.

Best Game Wil Wheaton Introduced To Us, and Then Subsequently Lost At

The Nominees are...

Betrayal at House on the Hill Formula D Once Upon a Time Shadows Over Camelot Takenoko

...and the winner is...


Panda moves, panda eats, panda poops. Such is the design philosophy behind one of the most adorable games of the year, and the game we most enjoyed watching Wil Whetaon suck at. From the creator of 7 Wonders, and Hanabi, comes a charming game of tile placement, worker movement and secret objectives. Moving a ceremonial panda and a beleaguered groundskeeper around an ever-expanding royal garden, players compete to create garden formations, grow the variously-coloured bamboo trees, and feed a voracious, albeit adorable, giant panda. Our cafe staff have been teaching this title for some time now, and were well pleased to see it featured on Table Top. Out condolences to Mssr. Wheaton, though; this one episode where Wesley doesn’t save the day.

Best Cash Grab Expansion to That Awesome Game That You Already Own (And Didn’t Need to Sink More Money Into)

The Nominees are...

D&D: Lords of Waterdeep - Scoundrels of Skullport Dominion: Guilds Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion King of Tokyo: Halloween Pandemic: In the Lab

...and the winner is...

D&D: Lords of Waterdeep - Scoundrels of Skullport!

If you are looking for the board game equivalent of a fist-fight, play When Wizards of the Coast released an expansion to the winner of 2012’s Snakey for Best of the Year, it seemed likely that it would do well with both S&L staff and patrons. This assumption proved true. Providing for a sixth player, while adding corruption tokens to those players willing to visit the shadier parts of Waterdeep in order to complete their quests gave Lords of Waterdeep an edgier, slightly meaner feel which was welcomed by all players. Skullport did what every expansion ought to do – it took a perfectly designed game that didn’t need any expanding and created a new, richer experience. All expansions should do what Scoundrels of Skullport did!

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