The 2013 Snakeys: Part 2

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2013 has been a banner year for board games. We've seen the hobby grow to new heights and as the demand grows, so do the number amazing games that are designed. With the 2nd Annual Snakey Awards we take a look at some of the best games that graced our shelves over the past year.

We looked at ten different categories and considered thousands of titles. The nominees were largely released in 2013, however we didn't limit ourselves to that year. We surveyed the Snakes & Lattes Gurus, Servers, Baristas, Hosts and Kitchen Staff for their opinions on the games that most impacted the cafe in the past year. Over the next few days we'll be rolling out the winners. Ladies and Gents, we proudly present the 2013 Snakeys!

Best Game in Which You All Have to Co-operate and Try Not to Stab Each Other in the Back

The Nominees are...

Dead Panic Forbidden Desert La Boca Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game Letters from Whitechapel

...and the winner is...

Forbidden Desert!

It seems that all is not well at the conclusion of your successful play of Forbidden Desert. The newest game from Pandemic’s Matt Leacock is the sequel to Forbidden Island, asking players to once again co-operated as the elements conspire to overwhelm your objective: this time, you must gather up the four parts of a flying machine found in the sandy ruins of an ancient city. However, the sandstorms rage all about you, and sand is piling up all around you. Forbidden Desert is the third co-operative game from Mr. Leacock, and here he demonstrated a mastery of mechanic that made this an easy win for Best Co-op of the Year. The staff have been enthusiastically pushing this game on our patrons since release this summer and that passion has proved as strong as the sandy gales contained within.

Best Game to Play When You Facebook a Bunch of People and They All Actually Show Up to the Party

The Nominees are...

Augustus Blood Bound Geek Out Mascarade Snake Oil

...and the winner is...

Snake Oil!

When the cards in Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity start to get overly familiar, Snake Oil stands out as our staff favourite for large groups. The round’s judge draws a customer card to determine their buying patterns, and each player takes two cards from their hand to create a brand new product , then puts on their best Billy Mays voice to pitch them their sensational new sale item. The customer awards their card to the player who makes the best pitch! Just missing out on last year’s voting season, Snake Oil, Out of the Box’s funniest party game in the world, was a shoo-in for Best Party Game, even against the fantastic competition 2013 put out. The staff of S&L knows that the best pitch of all is for Snake Oil.

Best Licensed Board Game That Was A Thinly Veiled, Yet Successful Ploy For More Money From Its Attendant Fandom

The Nominees are...

Firefly: The Board Game Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Deck Building Game Monopoly: Adventure Time Settlers of Catan: Star Trek Walking Dead: The Card Game

...and the winner is...

Firefly: The Board Game!

Browncoats everywhere rejoiced at the GenCon release of Gale Force Nine’s faithful Firefly board game. Inviting players to saddle up in their own ship and to sail about the sea of stars, fans of Firefly pick up cargo, make deliveries, and stear well clear of Alliance and Reavers both in a galaxy full of riches and ruin. Fans got so excited the game can’t stay in stock, and we’ve been out for months (though we look forward to the February reprint and the upcoming Breakin’ Atmo expansion). Firefly is a dense game, but very faithfully takes the theme and atmosphere of the original show to make the best damn game in the ‘verse!

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