Tournament Prizes!

Written by Jon-Paul D / Published June 19th, 2012 / 0 Comments

Only days remain before our upcoming tournament, WHEN ABSTRACTS ATTACK, and there is still time to sign up to participate!  

After wrestling our retail co-ordinator to the ground and making him cry "uncle", we've managed to get him to agree to offer 10% off on all in-stock tournament games, but only on June 25th - the day of the tournament itself.  Very exciting!

Also, we're excited to announce that several Door Prizes will be awarded to participants between each round of the tournament.  Even if you aren't destined to be crowned Queen or King of the Abstracts, you still can be a winner!  Prizes will include...

  • Free games!
  • Snakes & Lattes gift card
  • Snack bowls and other tasty treats

For the winner and the runner-up, we've assembled some pretty amazing Prize Packages to be awarded...


  • One Month of Unlimited Play at Snakes & Lattes (unlimited value!!)
  • The brand new Snakes & Lattes T-Shirt ($20 value)
  • A new copy of any in-stock tournament game (~$35 value)
  • One $25 Gift Card to Snakes & Lattes
  • The brand new Snakes & Lattes T-Shirt
We're pretty excited about these prizes, and the whole tournament!  Be sure to sign up before Monday, June 25th to secure your spot in the WHEN ABSTRACTS ATTACK tournament by visiting the Facebook Event Page, or dropping us an email at

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