Game Review: Phantoms VS Phantoms

Written by Steve / Published November 29th, 2013 / 0 Comments

Phantoms vs Phantoms is a head-to-head strategy game simple enough for kids to learn yet engaging enough that it has something to offer the more serious gamer. The core mechanic owes a lot to the classic Stratego, but its multiple ways of winning provide more challenge than that more venerable title, and the lack of rank or special powers to the pieces makes Phantoms vs Phantoms easier to learn.

Each player controls a team of eight ghosts, four good and four bad. To win the game a player must do one of the following: 1. Capture all their opponent's good ghosts. 2. Have all their bad ghosts captured by their opponent. 3. Get one of their good ghosts to one of the exit spaces in their opponent's territory.

Like Stratego, players place their pieces in their own territory to start, and oriented so that the other player cannot see which ghosts are good (marked with a blue dot) or bad (marked with a red dot). A player's turn consists of moving one of their ghosts one space (orthoganal movement only). If their ghost is moved onto a space occupied by an opponent's ghost, that ghost is captured (for good or ill).

Phantoms vs Phantoms allows for strategic placement and movement as well as bluffing and a bit of a memory component. Makes a great date game as it isn't so all-consuming that you can't have a conversation while you play. So try Phantoms vs Phantoms and we promise these ghosts won't be unwanted visitors at your gaming table.

In addition to being a Game Guru at Snakes & Lattes, Steve Tassie is an actor, comedian, certified English & drama teacher, writer and game designer. Follow him on Twitter @RealSteveTassie or read the blog he shares with his wife, novelist Christina Upton

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