Reflections on Spielezentrum

Published October 30th, 2013 / 0 Comments

Of the over 150 booths and vendors in attendance, a few games really stood out in popularity. The titles to grab a lot of attention from the audience included Zombicide, Kronen fur den Konig (Crowns for the King), Trains, Augustus and Brugge (Bruges). A number of gaming tournaments were contested over 4 days at Spiel too. Players battled in elimination contests to determine champions of Stone Age, Dominion, The Settlers of Catan, Pokemon and Carcassonne - South Seas. Spiel was absolutely packed with fun content and entertainment.

Memorable moments from my Spiel weekend consisted of meeting a married couple from Australia who found each other on Brettspielwelt (a games portal on the web); she loves playing games and he loves designing them. In another funny interaction, a vendor had called over the game designer to me after I had asked for the instructions to a game on display. It was a game of Asian origin that had been ported into English. After the explanation, the designer jokingly mentioned he was embarrassed that he wasn’t confident in explaining the English version of his game to me in the English language! Spiel wasn’t only about new games and competitions, it also featured some of classics too- with a twist! A couple players stationed themselves at the chess booth for the weekend to demonstrate speed chess- 1-minute on the clock for each player- much to the delight of dazzled onlookers.

Spiel was certainly a roller coaster of excitement that no one wanted to end. Why can’t we just go to Spiel every day to have fun and play games? Well it doesn’t have to end here- now is the time to share your new favourite game with good friends or pick up an old classic, or perhaps join the millions of registered game players on apps or websites.

John Miklavcic is our Canadian Carcassonne Champion. After winning the Canadian qualifier at Snakes & Lattes on September 30th, John went on to compete in the World Championship in Essen, Germany.

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