The World Carcassonne Championships

Published October 28th, 2013 / 0 Comments

Spiel climaxed with the Carcassonne tournament being contested by 36 players representing 34 countries- the largest world championships tournament yet!

The German Carcassonne champion was crowned just the day before the world championships in an exciting showdown of German region representatives. The lot of champions to compete in the final day’s tournament featured an interesting mix of players including a physician, professor, mathematician, estate manager and even a professional poker player. Games and gamers don’t discriminate, they include everyone from all walks of life!

There were several veterans amongst the competitors who had qualified for the world championships on several occasions. There were also several new and savvy first-time qualifiers, including myself. In the entertaining finale, the player from Greece narrowly edged the defending world champion from the Czech Republic. I’m incredibly pleased and happy to say that I was able to help Canada place 19th out of the 36 competitors.

Afterward, I had an amazing opportunity to meet the author of Carcassonne, Klaus-Jurgen Wrede as well as the head of publisher Hans im Gluck. Klaus was extremely friendly in signing autographs, taking photos and answering questions about a new Carcassonne release: South Seas.

A number of competitors in the tournament were also in the business of games, either as designers, distributors or shop-owners. Competitors from the Scandinavian and Asian countries mentioned that local table top game tournaments were relatively small where they were from. Although the gaming community may not be as prolific there as in some (other) areas of Europe, a number of these individuals were passionate to make a big impact in these markets. Some even mentioned mimicking the Snakes & Lattes model. With the newfound growth of games in non-traditional markets and 3 new countries expressing interest in sending a representative to next year’s Carcassonne tournament, there are many exciting gaming developments to anticipate!

John Miklavcic is our Canadian Carcassonne Champion. After winning the Canadian qualifier at Snakes & Lattes on September 30th, John went on to compete in the World Championship in Essen, Germany.

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