10 Spooky ​Halloween Games

Written by Steve / Published October 7th, 2013 / 1 Comment

October, the best month of the year is upon us! As the nights grow longer and the trees take on their skeletal appearance, it's a good time to set in with a warm drink and a spooky game or two.

Ghosts, witches, vampires, things that go bump in the night and more have crawled their way into all these games creating monstrous fun from the goofy to the downright creepy:

1 King of Tokyo
Giant monsters smashing the real estate in Tokyo and bashing each other in a bid for dominance. 2-6 players.

2 Cockroach Poker
Use rats and bats and other creepy-crawlies to lie your way to victory in this vermin-infested bluffing game. 3-6 players.

3 Last Night on Earth
Zombies have invaded the small town of Woodvale and it's up to a small group of survivors to fight them off lest this become their Last Night on Earth! 2-6 players.

4 Panic Station
An Antarctic science station has lost contact with the civilized world and it's up to you and your team to go find out why, but beware! An alien entity has set up shop in the station and it has one goal: to eliminate or assimilate all life in the station. Paranoia abounds as the deeper you delve, the fewer people you can trust. 3-6 players (best with a full team of six).

5 Phantom of the Opera
The Opera Ghost is terrorizing the Paris Opera and no one knows if the show will go on in this head to head battle of wits. Will the Opera Ghost scare Carlotta into quitting or will the Investigator unmask the ghost in time to save the show? From the makers of the popular Mr. Jack line of games. 2 players.

6 The Phantom Society
The ghosts are running wild in a Victorian Scottish hotel and it is up to the Phantom Society to catch them before the ghosts and the ghost hunters themselves destroy the joint. If you've ever wanted to join Ray, Peter and Egon as they wreck the Sedgewick Hotel in Ghostbusters, this is the game for you! 2-4 players.

7 Smash Up
Pirates, and zombies, and aliens, oh my! Armies of strange bedfellows battle for domination is this fast-paced card game full of more costume ideas than you can shake a stick at... Especially spooky if you add the Obligatory Cthulhu expansion! 2-4 players.

8 Betrayal at House on the Hill
Explore a mysterious haunted house with a group of strangers. You're working together for now... But eventually one of you will turn on the others. Who will it be, and who will survive? Over 50 possible end game scenarioes. 3-6 players.

9 Kill Doctor Lucky
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women)? You do, in this game of manipulation and murder best described as reverse Clue. Players explore Dr. Lucky's country manor house, all the while trying to get the old man away from prying eyes so that they can bump him off and inherit his massive fortune. 3-7 players.

10 Elder Sign
It's Arkham Horror "light" in this dice game of investigators and ancient horrors. Visit strange locations, fight monsters and collect the clues needed to seal the gates to other realms and prevent the Old Ones from entering our reality. Co-operative terror for 1-8 players.

In addition to being a Game Guru at Snakes & Lattes, Steve Tassie is an actor, comedian, certified English & drama teacher, writer and game designer. Follow him on Twitter @RealSteveTassie or read the blog he shares with his wife, novelist Christina Upton onesfunnytheothersinsane.wordpress.com.

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  • Steve Tassie

    I'm sure someone will see this list and think "But what about...?" so let me say this list is not meant to be remotely exhaustive. It's meant to provide a glimpse at a variety of games with different weights, lengths and styles. Hopefully there's a least one title on here that you haven't heard of and will be inspired to play.
    Game on!

    October 8th, 2013 · 11:44 am

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