GAME DESIGNERS' NIGHT - Monday, June 18th, 2012

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In just a few days, some of the brightest minds in Toronto's gaming community will be coming together to share their game designs with one another, and you're invited!

Whether you have a fully developed game in the works, the simple beginnings of an idea, or merely want to see a few prototypes in action, it's an event you should not miss.  Even better, the $5 admission fee is waived for all those attending, just as long as you purchase an equal amount in food, beverage, or retail games.  Holy moly!

A few policies to keep in mind for this special event:

1 -- As a designer, come with clear expectations and have a guideline for what you want the playtesters to give feedback about. Ask them to keep these issues in mind BEFORE starting the game. If you want to see if a certain part of your design or a specific mechanic works, you don't need to play to completion. Someone winning the game isn't necessarily that important, the most important thing is getting appropriate feedback.

2 -- Be realistic with your timelines and know when to wrap a game up. Be considerate of the fact that the majority of people attending are designers themselves with their own games to try. As a guideline, for each hour your design is on the table, you should be playing at least 3 hours of other people's designs. It's ok to stop a game mid-play if you've got the info you need or if the game is failing.

3 -- Be open to all feedback and try not to be defensive about your game. Everyone's ideas are valid based on their experience with games in general and their play through of your game. You don't have to implement all suggestions, but accept it all and process it later.

4 -- As a playtester, give constructive feedback and try to provide suggestions for possible improvements. Whether you enjoyed the game or not, provide reasons and be as specific as possible about the reasons WHY a certain part did or didn't work for you.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at  We look forward to seeing you there!

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