Revolution! Review

Written by Sean J / Published August 23rd, 2013 / 0 Comments

Revolution is not a new game.

We've had on the shelves at Snakes for years, but it was never a game any of us knew. It even was relegated upstairs to the archive. That was until we heard it was the 'hot' game at the Cards Against Humanity office. With an endorsement like that we had to give it a try.

Revolution by Phillip duBarry is a blind bidding, role selection, area control game. It's a pretty simple teach and has quickly made its way into my rotation of Guru games.

Players are trying to raise a revolution in their small town and by bribing or bullying local officials they hope to control the fate of the town and the people in it. Using influence tokens including Force, Blackmail and Gold players secretly make bid for Generals, Printers, Merchants and other townsfolk. Once everyone has programmed their bids players reveal and see who has won the favour of the different officials.

Rewards include Support (victory points), Influence Tokens for future rounds and the ability to control different neighbourhoods in the town.

Force is the most compelling form of influence and will trump any amount of Blackmail or Gold. Blackmail will beat any Gold used. The biggest thrill of the game is seeing which officials you've won and lost from round to round. It stinks to spend 2 Force tokens on the Innkeeper, just to lose his favour to your friend who spent 2 Force and 1 Gold. What a rip-off!

For its straight forward teach and its high replay-ability I see Revolution hitting the tables quite often in Snakes.

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