Fave 3 Games from GenCon

Written by Jonathan / Published August 22nd, 2013 / 0 Comments

The people who come to play at Snakes enjoy all kinds of games, but most of them tend to go for stuff that's quick to learn while offering a decent amount of depth and interaction.

Here are the 3 new games from this year's GenCon that we think will be hitting our tables most often when we get our hands on them.

For larger groups of 6-10 players, "Mascarade" by Bruno Faidutti is going to be hard to beat. It crosses the secret roles of "Citadels" (another popular favourite) with the simplicity and intrigue of "The Resistance" (yet another fave). With thirteen different characters to play, it'll have huge replay value, and the oversized cards with their jaw-droppingly gorgeous art seal the deal.

"Mr Jack" and "Mr Jack Pocket" by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc are both among the most popular two-player games at Snakes and Lattes. Now the same dynamic designing duo presents a new game called "Le Fantôme de l’Opéra", with a compelling new take on the Mr. Jack formula. One player tries to frighten the singer La Carlotta away from the theatre while the other seeks to unmask the Phantom.

And for medium-sized groups (2-5 players) looking for something that's just plain adorable, "The Three Little Pigs" by Laurent Pouchain will be the ticket from this year's GenCon. Roll and re-roll your little pink dice to build houses out of rickety straw, sturdy wood, or nigh-impregnable brick. But watch out when the Big Bad Wolf, because when he comes calling, he'll huff, and he'll puff, and he just might blow your house in!

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