Snakeys 2012 Fan Vote!

Written by Ben C / Published December 24th, 2012 / 0 Comments

The Snakes & Lattes family is extremely proud of its collection, but what is a board game without players? For the past two years, we have been inviting you into our home away from home and recommending, trouble-shooting and teaching the games we feel passionately about.

Our hope has always been that you will feel as passionately about board games as we do; if not for our favourites, then for favourites of your very own. So when we decided that it was time for us to hold awards for those titles that made us most excited, it was only fitting to include you, the extended Snakes & Lattes family. Our Fan Vote had a strong turnout in its first outing, and we want to thank you all for your participation. The Snakeys have been a process of celebrating what we want to play, what we want to teach, and what we love. The Fan Vote is you telling us what you love. Every game nominated in the Fan Vote was a game that we had a fantastic time with in the café, but only one stands above the rest in the collective opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, gamers all, this year’s Snakeys Fan Vote award goes to…

A Game of Thrones (2nd Ed.)!!!

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