Mini Review Double Feature - FITS and Qwirkle

Written by Jon-Paul D / Published June 10th, 2012 / 0 Comments

FITS (Fill in the Spaces)

Designed by Reiner Knizia
For 1-4 players
45-60 minutes to play

FITS is one of those games that I love despite being terrible at it. Trying to make my Tetris-like pieces fit into place and cover up those nasty point stealing dots drives me …well to fits, but it’s fun!

There’s an endorphine release when the right shape at the right time comes up and locks into place. Joy!

I have learned that all my years playing Game Boy Tetris have not prepared me for this unique game. It tests completely different skills and as many times as I play it I always have room for improvement.

by Sean Jacquemain

Designed by Susan McKinley Ross
2-4 Players
30-45 minutes to play

Qwirkle is my mother’s favourite game, and for good reason!  It’s simple and engaging, allowing for just enough strategy to be challenging for adults, with rules simple enough to allow children to play.  It’s much like Scrabble or Bananagrams, in that you’re creating a grid of tiles to score points, but instead of letters, shapes and colours are used.

A player can only contribute to one row on their turn, and scores one point for each tile in a row.  Clever tacticians can play their row in such a way that two columns of scoring take place, possibly resulting in big points.  The ultimate play in this game, however, is when you’re able to place the sixth tile in a row, scoring a “Qwirkle”, which doubles the points for that row.

The game components consist entirely of colourful, chunky blocks, and for the gamer who enjoys tactile elements, it’s sure to please.  Of course, for those who are always looking for the perfect move to make, the turns could be drawn out a little longer than necessary, which might be one drawback.  Luckily, at Snakes & Lattes we have a stock of sand timers, which can push those hefty thinkers to quicker plays.  Regardless, it’s a delight of a game from both a visual and gameplay perspective, and it’s definitely worth a play!
by Jon-Paul Decosse

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