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Written by Ben C / Published December 21st, 2012 / 0 Comments

Best Game to Play When You Hate Everyone at the Table

The point of board gaming, near as we can tell, is to bring a group of close friends together at the table in order to play games that will damage and strain those relationships irreparably. This is because many of our professional and courteous staffers are sociopaths. Fear not! If you, too, have a great love for mean and merciless games, our gaming expertise extends well into the ancient art of being a jerk. The nominees in this category require you to lie to your friends, stab them in the back, and bluff your way to victory. You will do terrible things that you may not be able to speak of the next day. You may get unfriended on one or more social networking sites. There is the outside chance that you will have to find a new circle of friends that has not yet discovered your blackened heart. But those are simply the risks you take when you sit down to play these games.

The nominees are:

Cash 'n Guns



Skull & Roses


A TIE!! Skull & Roses & Kakerlaken Poker are too good to beat each other! 

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