Best Game to Play on a First Date that you TOTALLY Want to Go Well - Snakeys Awards

Written by Ben C / Published December 20th, 2012 / 0 Comments

The next Snakeys category is: Best Game to Play on a First Date that you TOTALLY Want to Go Well

When Snakes & Lattes opened, there were few preconceived notions as to who would show up. Everyone was welcome to come in, sit down, and learn some new games with us. It was, however, with some surprise that we discovered our nerdy little establishment was becoming a pretty popular destination for date night. Whether it was first date or the fortieth date, it became clear that couples of all types were coming to spend time getting to know each other over a game or two. But which games? Two-player games are a genre of game that many people associate with abstracts such as chess and checkers and childhood classics like Guess Who? and Connect Four. However, there is a rich collection of games with more atmosphere and more maturity which pit two people against each other in a fun and friendly battle of wits. Our nominees are challenging, yet uncomplicated games which have left many satisfied smiles on our tables for two.

The nominees are:

Blokus Duo



Mr. Jack

Word on the Street

And the winner is........


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